Black Friday and Cyber Monday is around the corner. Here are a few shipping tips.

Give the shopper delivery options:

Some orders can wait and standard delivery is fine, but there are times when an expedited delivery is needed. Having a multi-carrier shipping app like TotalShip will give you access with discounts on a variety of services. Email to find out more.

Integrate an ecom solution like Shopify:

By selling on Shopify your site can manage your orders and automatically rate and process your shipments. Being able to instantly offer reliable service and accurate rates will improve the shoppers experience and help drive sales. Email and ask about our Shopify Plugin.

Don’t forget your return policy:

Having a return policy in place is essential to any online business. With Totalship we make things easy. Create the label and schedule the pick up all from your shipping app.

Email us today to open an account or give us a call to speak with one of our customer care specialists. or 1-844-763-2020

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