August 19 2015

We often talk about cost savings and shipping platforms as reasons for sticking with a carrier or freight forwarder.

Both very important things but after spending 20 years in logistics, the word I hear the most is TRUST.

We all know trust is so hard to gain and so easy to lose.  This is especially true in shipping.  I’ve had experiences where I was told skids have been loaded on a vessel only to find out 30 days later that it still hadn’t left the port.  My relationship with that carrier was over.  Not because they made a mistake, but because I did not trust that my freight was important to them.

At the end of the day, it’s transportation.  Things always happen, and the way I see it it’s how we react to those situations that helps build trust and relationships.  This company that I mentioned above didn’t react so well.

I’ve had other issues where pick-ups were scheduled but never done.  No one knew why and no explanations were given.  Sometimes appointments are missed, again, this is transportation.  Things happen.  What I expect as a customer is for a solution or to know that my service provider is on it and trying their best to turn a bad situation around.

Price matters and so do the platforms/tools we use to manage our day to day.  At TotalShip, we have both those things…you can’t offer our services without competitive pricing and shipping tools, but what we strive for most however is to earn your trust.  Be it courier, trucking or international freight, we’re there for our customers and do everything we can to ensure your shipment gets delivered on time…and if there’s a problem, we will keep you up to date and work on solutions and measures to avoid future issues where possible.

Contact us today at 514-763-2020 or by email for rates or to move your next shipment.

As they say, give us 2% of your trust and we’ll earn the rest.


Michael Masella